‘In the beginning there was cake’ was first published on, September 1, 2014 I love baking: it’s in my blood, it’s part of my family. I don’t mean that my father is a Michelin star chef or my mother writes culinary books—though she probably could—I mean that baking forms part of our history. I grew up in my mother’s kitchen, in Australia, watching her make recipes from a long line of bakers: ginger biscuits

Welcome back

Posted by Bee Stewart on August 11, 2017
Category: Blog
Greetings and welcome to the all new version of Bee Bakes now at The Bakehouse. A few people have told me they found the original Bee Bakes blog to be a useful insight into training to be a pastry chef in France, so I decided to re-post the old stories here. I’ll also be updating with new adventures on the very long road to opening my own business in France. For those who don’t know